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Trading Online Voucher Scheme

Application Helper

A tool to help you fill your application form


How did you hear about the Trading Online Voucher? 

This is to help your Local Enterprise with their statistics. It will help us if you write ;) .

Have You Attended A TOV Webinar? 

Attendance at a Trading Online Voucher webinar is required to make an application. Is is a very useful event to learn about the uses of the voucher and will help you in choosing suppliers and services.

Date You Attended A TOV Webinar 

Enter the date of the Trading Online Voucher webinar that you attended. You won't be able to submit your application before attending a webinar. If you attended a webinar in previous years, or more than 4 months ago, you'll likely need to attend another one before being eligible to apply for the voucher.
December 2021

Your Name 

The full name of the applicant. Do not write the business name here, it must be the name of the person who is making the application on behalf of the business.

Business Name 

The name of the business. If none, enter your own name. You may be encouraged by your LEO to register a business name (it costs about €20) with the Companies Registration Office before applying.

Business Address 

The address of the business. This is the address that is registered with the Companies Registration Office or the Revenue / tax office. Basically where the business post, bank statements, bills etc. are delivered.


The landline phone number of the business. If you don't have a landline, enter the main phone number of the business.

Mobile Number 

Your mobile phone number, if you have one.

Email Address 

You almost certainly have an email address. If not, get one because you'll need one to apply for this voucher. You will also need one to use most services online. Use the email address that you use for your business. It is useful to use a separate email address from a personal email address. You can get free email accounts with Google, Microsoft and ProtonMail, amongst many others, with varying degrees of security and privacy.


If you have a website up-and-running, select 'Yes'. If you just have a website address but no website, or your website is down, select 'No'. If you are unsure, you need to get help from someone you trust.

Website Address 

The address of your website, if you have one. If you don't have one, in most cases, you'll be expected to create one with this voucher. If you already have one and it needs upgrading, you'll likely be expected to upgrade it with this voucher.

Business Type 

You may be encouraged by your LEO to register a business name (it costs about €20) with the Companies Registration Office before applying.

CRO Number 

The business number that is available from the Companies Registration Office. It was previously not required to have one, but it seems that it may now be a requirement. It costs about €20 to get one from the Companies Registration Office.

Year Established 

Enter the year in which the business was established. To be eligible, a business must be trading for a minimum of 6 months. If there has not already being a yearly tax return completed, proof of trading such as a paid invoice will be required. If a business has been established for more than 6 months without sales, it will not be considered as being trading for a minimum of 6 months.

Your Current Online Presence 

Describe your current online presence. You say none if that's the case. Otherwise it may be something like a brochure site, a shopify site, a full e-commerce site, social media accounts, etc.

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