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LEO - Trading Online Voucher Scheme

Who's it for and how to get it? Everything you need to know about the 2020 Trading Online Voucher Scheme.


RECI - Tech Stack

How does one connect with an Irish Registered Electrical Contractor in 2020?


Insane In The Domain Name

Our trials and tribulations whilst navigating the murky waters of internationalised domain names.


Bitcoin - Heads or Tails?

It was stated to be online electronic cash. Is it that or a ponzi-like pyramid scheme scam? Or is it both?


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Euro coins and rolled notes stacked in an ascending bar-chart-like sequence

Data Monetisation

How much is your data worth?

How much are companies earning from your data? Can you earn this money instead?
Mark Zuckerberg striding smugly alongside a seated oculus blinded audience.


Are we living in, or heading towards, a Calibraphate?

What is a Calibraphate? Why should you care?